Xevi Almeda Quero - almedaestudi

I am Xavier Almeda.

Interior designer from Girona, in love with my city and passionate to learn about other
cultures and ways of living.

Trained in the school of Art and Superior design in Olot (Girona), I started in the world of interior design as a technician in the field of carpentry and, later, carrying out interior and furniture design projects. In 2008, pushed by the concern of carrying out own projects, I start my own business venture with Almeda Estudi.

Hoanna Giró Herrera - almedaestudi

I am Hoanna Giró.

Interior designer from Girona, passionate about the world of art and everything that encompasses design, photography, the audiovisual sector, illustration, architecture, interior design and decoration.

After finishing my studies in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, I focused my professional future towards the artistic branch of interior design. I studied at Escola d’Art Superior de Disseny d’Olot (Girona) and then I joined Almeda Estudi.

We understand interior design as a tool to offer aesthetic and functional responses to spaces, giving a unique and different character to each project. We believe in multidisciplinary work and so we collaborate closely with the renown Creative Studio aeiou from Girona.

Almeda Estudi accompanies the client all the way: from the initial stage of creation, going through the design, and finishing with by the follow-up and completion of the project.